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Life Outdoors – November 2021


Monthly recreation opportunities by region

Don’t let gloomy weather hem you in

Here are ideas for getting outside despite dreary seasons

The outdoors fits into everyone’s life in unique and personal ways, and we here at WDFW want to foster connections with and appreciation of nature and all forms of outdoor recreation through our Life Outdoors resources.

So we’re posting informative blogs each month on a variety of topics to help you and your loved ones find new and exciting ways to get out there.

This month’s article gives ideas on how to get outside even when the weather is gloomy. 

Opportunities galore during the month of November

The rainy, dark, colder seasons of fall and winter in Washington can carry a case of cabin fever if you let them keep you indoors.

Thankfully, the Life Outdoors knows no off season, so there are still plenty of options for getting outside to stretch your legs if you’re willing to gear up a little and maybe try something new.

In that spirit, we have gathered some ideas for ways to get you, your family, and friends out there despite the urge to hunker down inside with sweaters and hot cocoa.

Find out more by reading the blog:


Get outside during the dreary season

Young Violet came away from Battle Ground Lake in Clark County with quite a haul of trout in a November 2018 fishing trip. The lake will be stocked with 2,000 rainbow trout this year ahead of Black Friday. (Joshua Myers)

For more blog posts, the Weekender Report of monthly recreational opportunities in your area, links to state and federal lands to explore, and how to share photos of your adventures with us to win prizes in our Life Outdoors photo contest, visit the Life Outdoors webpage:

Life Outdoors

We hope to see you in the field and on the water enjoying the Life Outdoors!

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