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Multi-season & Special hunt

Two limited hunt opportunites


Surplus Multi-season deer tags sold out

Leftover elk tags went to hunters from draw list

Leftover Multi-season deer tags are now sold out after deer hunters who bought a Multi-season tag application earlier this year but were not selected in the April drawing had their chance to buy one of 2,600 remaining tags on Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Available on a first-come, first-served basis, the tags were sold online and at authorized Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife license dealers. WDFW regional offices and headquarters in Olympia remain closed to in-person license sales.

Hunters who purchased a Multi-season tag did not lose points in their Multi-season special hunt application categories.

Hunters with Multi-season tags can hunt all three weapon choices (modern firearm, muzzleloader, archery), season permitting, until their tag is filled.

What about elk?

The next sequential 128 hunters on the original official draw list of elk Multi-season tags have the opportunity to buy those remaining tags. The existing official draw list from April was used to prevent large group gatherings at retail locations during the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep the opportunity fair.

Elk hunters can login on the WILD licensing system to see if they are eligible to buy an elk Multi-season tag. The 128 winners of the remaining elk Multi-season tags received an email from WDFW, where possible, notifying them that they are eligible to buy a Multi-season elk tag.

Special hunt

Special Hunt

Special hunt opportunities for multiple species across the state

What is it?

If you are drawn for a special hunt permit, you will obtain access to hunting opportunities that are unavailable during the general hunting season. The special hunt permit is controlled by a weighted-point drawing system. You gain one point for every special hunt application you submit. If unsuccessful in the draw category, these points accumulate over the years, the chances of your application being drawn. You may only purchase one application per category, per year.

If selected, you may:

  • Have access to hunting opportunities that are unavailable during the general hunting season
  • Have opportunities to hunt outside of general seasons, increasing your odds for a successful harvest
  • Have less competition with fewer hunters in the field during your special hunt
  • Accumulate points — increase chances of being drawn


During the general season you may only have the option to harvest an antlerless elk with the weapon, time frame, and location of your choice. If you were to be selected for a special hunt permit, you may have access to:

An area that is only accessible to 20 hunters, the ability to harvest any bull regardless of antler size, and a longer hunting season — increasing your chances of harvesting an elk. This is dependent on what application you submit and what area you select.

Applications available: 12/01/20 – 05/26/21

Submit between: 04/26/21 – 05/26/21

Resident application fees:

General special hunt permit: $7.10

Quality special hunt permit: $13.70

Youth special hunt permit: $3.80

Non-resident application fee: $110.50

How does it work?

1. Consult regulations

Decide what species you want to hunt for. Each species has its own categories and application types.

Deer, elk, and turkey: You must purchase a hunting license prior to submitting a special hunt permit application.

Deer and elk: In addition to a hunting license, you must purchase a transport tag (selecting a weapon type and location) before you submit a special hunt permit application.

Mountain goat, moose, or bighorn sheep: You do not need to purchase a hunting license prior to submitting a special hunt permit application for these species. If you are drawn, you will be required to purchase a license before you receive your special hunt permit.

2. Purchase application 12/01/20 through 05/26/21

You may purchase at a license vendor, online at, or by calling 360-902-2464.

If you purchase a special hunt permit application but DO NOT submit it, you will be awarded one point and will not be eligible for the drawing for that season.

3. Submit application 04/26/21 through 05/26/21

Submit online through your profile at or by calling 360-902-2464

4. Check drawing results

Drawing results will be posted in your WILD account in June. Applicants with a valid email will receive an email alert when the results are available.

See regulations for additional information, rules, and program details.

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