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Life Outdoors – August 2021


Monthly recreation opportunities by region

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Latest articles focus on tidepooling and backpacking in Washington

The outdoors fits into everyone’s life in unique and personal ways, and we here at WDFW want to foster connections with and appreciation of nature and all forms of outdoor recreation through our Life Outdoors resources.

To that end, we’re posting informative blogs each month on a variety of topics to help you and your loved ones find new and exciting ways to get out there.

This month’s articles focus on exploring tidepools and backpacking in our state.


Summer is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity to observe and learn about life under the sea. As tides roll back on rocky shores, they reveal a treasure trove of Washington’s marine biodiversity.

What are tidepools? Where can you find them? What animals can you find in and around them? Answers to these questions and more are here in our blog:

Tidepooling blog


Backpacking can be the doorway to incredible experiences — from surf to streams to timber stands to snow-capped peaks. Whether it’s a challenging long-distance hike of several days or an easier river valley overnight, our state’s epic biodiversity is there to witness.

Your trip can be full of opportunities for wildlife viewing; stunning vistas of wildflowers; alpine lake and backcountry stream or beach fishingbig and small game huntingwild berry picking; and plant and mushroom identification and foraging, to name a few of the options.

While this blog post isn’t an exhaustive guide to backpacking preparation, safety, and best practices, we provide an overview, pointers, and links to resources for beginner and intermediate backpackers.

Backpacking blog

For more blog posts, the Weekender Report of monthly recreational opportunities in your area, links to state and federal lands to explore, and how to share photos of your adventures with us to win prizes in our Life Outdoors photo contest, visit the Life Outdoors webpage:

Life Outdoors

We hope to see you in the field and on the water enjoying the Life Outdoors!

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