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WDFW’s Hunt Planner webmap guides the way for your next outing

Newest version features many upgrades

Whether you’re new to hunting in Washington or a seasoned pro looking to expand the species and areas you hunt, the WDFW Hunt Planner webmap can help you plot your course to new adventures.

WDFW released a new version of the browser-based web application this spring with plenty of new features and improvements aimed at helping hunters find the opportunities they’re after.

The WDFW Hunt Planner webmap can help you find places to hunt, review regulations, and, for most big game opportunities, it also displays previous years’ harvest statistics to give you the big picture.

What’s new

Here’s a quick look at the upgrades in the new version of the hunt planner:

  • You can review all the available hunting opportunities for a location with one click on the map, as well as WDFW lands in that game management unit, regulations, and harvest data broken down by species.
  • Use the “Highlight Units and Filter Results” tool to identify the opportunities you’re interested in or limit your search results.
  • For hunters still new to Washington, the search tool has been improved and can now search layers used in the webmap. You can search addresses, place names, coordinates, GMUs, deer areas and WDFW lands.
The WDFW Hunt Planner webmap boasts several new features after its latest version was released this spring.

  • For most big game opportunities, you can now review the previous year’s harvest statistics, including hunter effort and success, as well as a graph of harvest rates over time.
  • Feedback and bug reporting are now more seamlessly integrated in the webmap, so if you see something odd or have a suggestion, we want to hear about it.

Dive in

To check out the rest of the helpful features of the WDFW Hunt Planner webmap, including distance and area measuring as well as a basemap gallery that includes satellite and topographical imagery, check out the hunt planner for yourself.

While the hunt planner isn’t a downloadable, offline-capable app, it is a great desktop and mobile hunt planning tool that puts you right in touch with Washington’s opportunities and regulations. For a detailed rundown on using the hunt planner and its features, have a look at our hunt planner quick start guide.

Check out all the new features and see what the hunt planner can do to get you out in the field in new areas and after different opportunities. Good luck on your next hunting adventure!

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