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Monthly recreation opportunities by region

The annual Get Outdoors package is available NOW for the 2021 season

What’s in the Get Outdoors package?

• Freshwater license

• Saltwater license

• Shellfish & seaweed license

• Two-pole endorsement

• Puget Sound Dungeness crab endorsement

• Deer license & tag*

• Elk license & tag*

• Cougar license & tag

• Bear license & tag

• Small game license

• Migratory bird authorization**

• Migratory bird permit

• Turkey tag 1

• Turkey tag 2

• Vehicle access pass

Near Anderson Lake. (Kevin Alayo)

All for $236.18!

What’s the catch? You just need to get outdoors! #GO

*Deer and elk tags require a weapon type selection and may be obtained at the time of purchase or at a later date.

**Sea duck, brant, band tailed pigeon, snow goose, and SW Canada goose harvest report cards will not be available until April. A fifty cent dealer fee will be charged per report card.

You may purchase at your nearest license dealer, online at fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov, or by calling 360-902-2464.

Tracking a buck. (Cody Nelson)

Successful catch. (Ryan Lothrop)

Bull elk harvested on public land. (Mitchell Darlington)


Testimonials from customers who purchased the package last year:

I have hunted Washington my whole life, I’m 59 now and still love my state. The Get Outdoors package is a great value for me as I hunt and fish WA. I always get most of the items in the package anyway so having a one button buy was an excellent choice for me.

Convenience. It had all the things I hunt and fish for in a nice affordable package. I like that it is bundled and overall cheaper.

Saw my first Lynx while hunting deer and elk in a tree stand. I thought it was a bobcat until I read the description in the game pamphlet of a Lynx being gray.

My son and I both harvested our first Mule Deer bucks together on opening morning. It was a great day to share with him. My wife harvested her first Mule Deer buck later that week. A wonderful trip.

My children caught their first salmon this year. Memories made.

I had a really great time on the Olympic coast in the summer harvesting shellfish, catching surf perch, and fishing in a lake all on the same weekend. The coast fishing in the big surf near Kalaloch and pacific beach was epic!!

We’d love to share in your success, so be sure to tag us in your social media posts: @WashingtonFishWildlife on Facebook, @thewdfw on Instagram, and @WDFW on Twitter.

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